Blended seamlessly into the NCERT, IGCSE and ICSE curriculums, this programme is designed for all age groups of school children, from kindergarten, right up to Class 10.
The programme draws from stories of Indian origin: literature, history, scientific truths and philosophical discourses, to arm students with values and life-tools that will help them lead fulfilling and creative lives in a competitive world.
This programme consists of 7 different modules. Schools we teach in usually pick all or most of these modules, depending on how much time is available during the academic year.

i. Value Education

This activity-driven module imparts values by drawing from:
  • incidents from the Ramayana, Mahabharata, Srimad Bhagavatam and other Vedic literatures
  • the lives of great saints from India, and great personalities in Indian history
  • fables, folk stories and songs from India.

ii. Gita Studies

This module is tailored to be age-appropriate, with literature and activity-based work on:
  • the basic principles and elementary philosophy taught in the Bhagavad Gita
  • gaining an exposure to Sanskrit by learning to recite important verses from the Gita
  • an exploration of the practical application of the philosophical concepts of the Gita in daily life.

iii. Indian Heritage and Cultural Studies

This module is also activity driven, and supported by relevant literature. Aimed at cultivating awareness and subsequent understanding of the meaning and spirit of various aspects of Indian heritage and culture by studying:
  • the festivals of India, anecdotes and philosophies behind the design of ancient temples and monuments
  • the sacred geography of India and the values associated with those places, rivers, and mountains in India
  • an appreciation in relation to ancient Indian performing arts including music, dance, puppetry, painting, sculpture and theatre

iv. Yoga Studies

This module is completely activity-driven. The activities expose and teach the students:
  • meditation techniques for a contemporary world
  • the science, art and practice of mantra meditation
  • different kinds of yoga systems and practices, including devotional music, dance and theatre.

v. Multicultural Studies

This module is an engaging one that promotes values through deep, introspective information-gathering on:
  • various personalities and events in world history; both ancient and modern
  • the lives and teachings of great men of faith and wisdom in traditions from all over the world
  • contemporary stories that are trending as well as those that are less heard of
  • explore how one can develop deep respect and regard for the world’s great religions and their teachers.

vi. Science and Spirituality

A module that is suitable for class 9 and 10 students only, this course explores:
  • how science and spirituality can co-exist and converge to give a cogent and liberating worldview
  • the value of questioning, debating and making choices

vii. Life Skills

By combining various activities and games, this module hopes to pass on NIVE’s belief that:
  • life-skills education is a step towards behavioural development and change, and
  • addresses three key areas of life: knowledge, attitude and skills
  • provides tools that enable learners to translate knowledge and values into tangible, practical life skills